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Selected Publications

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Carpenter BL, Remba TK, Thomas SL, Madaj Z, Brink L, Tiedemann RL, Odendaal HJ, Jones PA. 2021. Ooctye age and preconceptual alcohol use are highly correlated with epigenetic imprinting of a noncoding RNA (nc886). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 118(12):e2026580118.

Chassé MH, Johnson BK, Boguslawski EA, Sorensen KM, Rosien JE, Kang MH, Reynolds CP, Heo L, Madaj ZB, Beddows I, Foxa GE, Kitchen-Goosen SM, Williams BO, Triche TJ Jr, Grohar PJ. 2021. Mithramycin induces promoter reprogramming and differentiation of rhabdoid tumor. EMBO Mol Med 13(2):e12640.

Bagchi A, Madaj Z, Engel KB, Guan P, Rohrer DC, Valley DR, Wolfrum E, Feenstra K, Roche N, Hostetter G, Moore HM, Jewell SD. 2021. Impact of preanalytical factors on the measurement of tumor tissue biomarkers using immunohistochemistry. J Histochem Cytochem.


Grit JL, Pridgeon MG, Essenburg CJ, Wolfrum E, Madaj ZB, Turner L, Wulfkuhle J, Petricoin EF 3rd, Graveel CR, Steensma MR. 2020. Kinome profiling of NF1-related MPNSTs in response to kinase inhibition and doxorubicin reveals therapeutic vulnerabilitiesGenes (Basel) 11(3):331

Marshall LL, Killinger BA, Ensink E, Li P, Li KX, Cui W, Lubben N, Weiland M, Wang X, Gordevicius J, Coetzee GA, Ma J, Jovinge S, Labrie V. 2020. Epigenomic analysis of Parkinson’s disease neurons identifies Tet2 loss as neuroprotective. Nat Neuro.

Diegel CR, Hann S, Ayturk UM, Hu JCW, Lim K, Droscha CJ, Madaj ZB, Foxa GE, Izaguirre I, VAI Vivarium and Transgenics Core, Paracha N, Pidhaynyy B, Dowd TL, Robling AG, Warman ML, Williams BO. 2020. An osteocalcin-deficient mouse strain without endocrine abnormalities. PLOS Genet.

Flores G, Everett JH, Boguslawski EA, Oswald BM, Madaj ZB, Beddows I, Dikalov S, Adams M, Klumpp-Thomas CA, Kitchen-Goosen SM, Martin SE, Caplen NJ, Helman LJ, Grohar PJ. 2020. CDK9 blockade exploits context-dependent transcriptional changes to improve activity and limit toxicity of mithramycin for Ewing sarcoma. Mol Cancer Ther.


George JW, Fan H, Johnson B, Carpenter TJ, Foy KK, Chatterjee A, Patterson AL, Koeman J, Adams M, Madaj ZB, Chesla D, Marsh EE, Triche TJ, Shen H, Teixeira JM. 2019. Integrated epigenome, exome, and transcriptome analyses reveal molecular subtypes and homeotic transformation in uterine fibroids. Cell Rep.

Chatterjee D, Sanchez DS, Quansah E, Rey NL, George S, Becker K, Madaj ZB, Steiner JA, Ma J, Escobar Galvis ML, Kordower JH, Brundin P. 2019. Loss of one engrailed1 allele enhances induced alpha-synucleinopathy.  J Parkinsons Dis 9(2):315–326.

Keaton SA, Madaj ZB, Heilman P, Smart L, Grit J, Gibbons R, Postolache TT, Roaten K, Achtyes ED, Brundin L. 2019. An inflammatory profile linked to increased suicided risk. J Affect Disord 247:57 65.

Harlow ML*, Chassé MH*, Boguslawski EA, Sorensen KM, Gedminas MJ, Goosen JM, Rothbart SB, Taslim C, Lessnick SL, Peck A, Madaj ZB, Bowman MJ, Grohar PJ. 2019. Trabectedin inhibits EWS-FLI1 and evicts SWI/SNF from chromatin in a schedule-dependent manner. Clin Cancer Res
*Equal contributions 


Carpenter BL*, Zhou W, Madaj Z, DeWitt AK, Ross JP, Grønbaek K, Liang G, Clark SJ, Molloy PL, Jones PA. 2018. Mother-child transmission of epigenetic information by tunable polymorphic imprinting. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
*Co-first authors

Liu M, Thomas SL, DeWitt AK, Zhou W, Madaj ZB, Ohtani H, Baylin SB, Liang G, Jones PA. 2018. Dual inhibition of DNA and histone methyltransferases increases viral mimicry in ovarian cancer cells. Cancer Res 78(20):5754–5766.

deCarvalho AC, Kim H, Poisson LM, Winn ME, Mueller C, Cherba D, Koeman J, Seth S, Protopopov A, Felicella M, Zheng S, Multani A, Jiang Y, Zhang J, Nam DH, Petricoin EF, Chin L, Mikkelsen T, Verhaak RGW. 2018. Discordant inheritance of chromosomal and extrachromosomal DNA elements contributes to dynamic disease evolution in glioblastoma. Nat Genet 50(5):708–717.

Rey NL, George S, Steiner JA, Madaj Z, Luk KC, Trojanowski JQ, Lee VM, Brundin P. 2018. Spread of aggregates after olfactory bulb injection of α-synuclein fibrils is associated with early neuronal loss and is reduced long term. Acta Neuropathol 135(1):65–83.

Killinger BA*, Madaj Z*, Sikora JW, Rey N, Haas AJ, Vepa Y, Lindqvist D, Chen H, Thomas PM, Brundin P, Brundin L, Labrie V. 2018. The veriform appendix impacts the risk of developing Parkinson’s. Sci Transl Med 10(465):eaar5280.

Mukherjee A, Patterson AL, George JW, Carpenter TJ, Madaj ZB, Hostetter G, Risinger JI, Teixeira JM. 2018. Nuclear PTEN localization contributes to DNA damage response in endometrial adenocarcinoma and could have a diagnostic benefit for therapeutic management of the disease. Mol Cancer Ther.

Senchuk MM, Dues DJ, Schaar CE, Johnson BK, Madaj ZB, Bowman MJ, Winn ME, Van Raamsdonk JM. 2018. Activation of DAF-16/FOXO by reactive oxygen species contributes to longevity in long-lived mitochondrial mutants in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS Genet 14(3):e1007268.

Beddows I, Rose LE. 2018. Factors determining hybridization rates in plants: A case study in Michigan.  Perspec Plant Ecol Sys 34:51–60.

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Waldhart AN, Dykstra H, Peck AS, Boguslawski EA, Madaj ZB, Wen J, Veldkamp K, Hollowell M, Zheng B, Cantley LC, McGraw TE, Wu N. 2017. Phosphorylation of TXNIP by AKT mediates acute influx of glucose in response to insulin. Cell Rep 19(10):2005–2013.

Dues DJ, Schaar CJ, Johnson BK, Bowman MJ, Winn ME, Senchuk MM, Van Raamsdonk JM. 2017. Uncoupling of oxidative stress resistance and lifespan in long-lived isp-1 mitochondrial mutants in Caenorhabditis elegans. Free Radic Biol Med 108:362–373.

Martin KR, Zhou W, Bowman MJ, Shih J, Au KS, Dittenhafer-Reed KE, Sisson KA, Koeman J, Weisenberger DJ, Cottingham SL, DeRoos ST, Devinsky O, Winn ME, Cherniak AD, Shen H, Northrup H, Krueger DA, MacKeigan JP. 2017. The genomic landscape of tuberous sclerosis complex. Nat Commun 8:15816. 


Harlow ML, Maloney N, Roland J, Guillen Navarro MJ, Easton MK, Kitchen-Goosen SM, Boguslawski EA, Madaj ZB, Johnson BK, Bowman MJ, D’Incalci M, Winn ME, Turner L, Hostetter G, Galmarini CM, Aviles PM, Grohar PJ. 2016. Lurbinectedin inactivates the Ewing sarcoma oncoprotein EWS-FLI1 by redistributing it within the nucleus. Cancer Res 76(22):6657–6668.

Osgood CL, Tantawy MN, Maloney N, Madaj ZB, Peck A, Boguslawkski E, Jess J, Buck J, Winn ME, Manning HC, Grohar PJ. 2016. 18F-FLT positron emission tomography (PET) is a pharmacodynamic marker for EWS-FLI1 activity and Ewing sarcoma. Sci Rep 6:33926.

Osgood CL, Maloney N, Kidd CG, Kitchen-Goosen S, Segars L, Gebregiorigis M, Woldemichael GM, He M, Sankar S, Lessnick SL, Kang M, Smith M, Turner L, Madaj ZB, Winn ME, Núnez LE, González-Sabin J, Helman LJ, Moris F, Grohar PJ. 2016. Identification of mithramycin analogues with improved targeting of the EWS-FLI1 transcription factor. Clin Cancer Res 22(16):4105–4118.


Foley JM, Scholten DJ 2nd, Monks NR, Cherba D, Monsma DJ, Davidson P, Dylewski D, Dykema K, Winn ME, Steensma MR. 2015. Anoikis-resistant subpopulations of human osteosarcoma display significant chemoresistance and are sensitive to targeted epigenetic therapies predicted by expression profilingJ Transl Med 13(1):110. 

Peacock JD, Dykema KJ, Toriello HV, Mooney MR, Scholten DJ 2nd, Winn ME, Borgman A, Duesbery NS, Hiemenga JA, Liu C, Campbell S, Nickoloff BP, Williams BO, Steensma MR. 2015. Oculoectodermal syndrome is a mosaic RASopathy associated with KRAS alterationsAm J Med Genet A 167(7):1429–1435.